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Truck Wheel Wheel Industry

Truck Wheel Wheel industry

Overview of China 's Steel Wheel Industry

1 Chinese passenger car steel wheel manufacturer

At present, China's passenger car steel wheel OEM manufacturers mainly composed of three categories: car group affiliated or affiliated enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and other social manufacturers.

(1) affiliated companies or affiliated companies

At present, the three major domestic auto group and Changan Group have their own supporting enterprises. include:

● Dongfeng Automobile Wheel Co., Ltd. Production bases were arranged in Hubei Suizhou and Shiyan two places. The total production capacity of about 2.5 million or so. Its main market for Hubei Wuhan Shenlong Automobile, Jiangsu Yancheng Dongfeng Kay Yueda, also developed, including Chery, Changhe, Chang'an, JAC and other customers.

● FAW Sihuan Co., Ltd. wheel branch. Production capacity of about 3 million. Mainly for the FAW Group internal support.

● SAIC Group forging plant steel plant. The current production capacity of about 1.2 million, mainly for the Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM package.

Chongqing Huajiang Machinery Factory and Chengdu Lingchuan Machinery Factory. Is affiliated enterprises of Changan Group. The actual production capacity of the two factories together about 1.5 million or so, mainly for the Changan Group, supporting the vehicle business.

(2) foreign-funded enterprises

● Fuzhou Yuen Hing TOPY Wheel Co., Ltd. Is a Taiwan-funded enterprises, TOPY shares in September 2003. Through the expansion of $ 8.45 million expansion, after the completion of the expansion of its passenger car production capacity of about 2.4 million. Customers mainly for the Taiwan-funded Southeast Motor and Guangzhou Guangzhou Honda and Dongfeng Nissan.

Guangzhou RringTeches Wheel Co., Ltd. 2004 announced the construction, the target capacity of 2.5 million steel wheels.

(3) other social manufacturers

● Liuzhou City, Guangxi steel factory. The actual capacity of about 50 million or so. Mainly for the local SAIC GM Wuling.

Other sporadic manufacturing enterprises. Distributed in Shenyang and Tianjin.

Analysis on Supply and Demand Status and Technical Status of China 's Passenger Car

Only from the production capacity and the total demand, the domestic passenger car wheel supply and demand still match. By 2006, the existing enterprises to tap the potential and foreign investment, so that the industry capacity utilization can be maintained at about 80%. However, from the local area and from the long-term trend, the domestic passenger car wheel industry not only in production capacity, but also in terms of quality, technology and equipment conditions, will soon be unable to meet the development of domestic passenger cars,

● Limitations of production capacity. The production capacity of domestic passenger cars is mainly concentrated in the East China region, Guangzhou region, northeast region and Chongqing area. Passenger cars Steel wheels have a single low value and are not conducive to long distance transport. At the same time, due to passenger cars steel wheel industry is a capital and technology-intensive industries, thus hindering the large-scale entry of private capital. At present, the small-scale and small-scale production of domestic passenger car wheel production enterprises is in contrast to the large-scale and mass-production of international wheel manufacturers, and there is a huge difference in production efficiency.

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