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Truck Wheel Size Is Generally The Case

Truck Wheel Size is generally the case

The size of the hub is generally expressed in this way, for example, to buy a hub, the above will have such data: 18x8.5,5x114.3, +42

18 (diameter 18 inch) x8.5 (width 8.5 inches) 5 (5 fixing bolts) x114.3 (pitch between bolt holes 114.3 mm) +42 (Offset is +42 mm), so in the definition of steel ring , There is no "thick" or "thin". So let's take a look at the tires. The sign of the tire is this: 245 / 40-18.245 when the width, 40 can be understood as the thickness, 18 refers to the 18-inch hub with a.

"Thick" or "thin", it is estimated that the landlord is asking the tires. Wheels and tires with the car is determined, for example, the original with 16x7 wheels with 225 / 55-16 tires, then when you upgrade, the scientific choice is to use 18x8.5 with 245 / 40-18. The diameter of the hub increases and the width increases, and the thickness of the tire increases as the diameter and width increase. In fact, the reason is very simple, if the tire thickness of the same, then the wheels on the car body.

Thin tires are thin, but they are much more expensive than thick tires. First of all to mention the production process, we must first ensure the reliability of thin rubber rubber strength must be much higher than the heavy tire, because the air in the tire to reduce the resistance to friction and collision naturally greatly weakened, so the quality of thin tires a lot of.

By the way: Need for Speed in the game theory can not be established, the street racing wheels should not be greater than 19 inches, 17 to 18 inches can be said to be the best choice. That is, the thickness of the tire must not be less than 30,30 is the limit. Generally 40 to 50 best. If the wheel is too large, not only increase the weight, seriously affect the degree of comfort, may be a small pit on the road will allow your tire reimbursement, but also what conditions the car?

Simply put, the larger the wheel, the thinner the tire, the smaller the tire when driving the smaller, more conducive to control, puncture slightly biased, increased safety, but the comfort weakened, because the tire has a certain shock Function, the more thin tires the effect of shock absorption is less obvious. The thicker the sidewall, the effect and the thin tread just the opposite.

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