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Truck Wheel Processing Technology

Truck Wheel Processing technology

According to the wheel surface treatment process will take a different way, can be divided into two kinds of paint and plating.

1, paint the hub of affordable, durable.

Ordinary models of the wheels in the appearance of less consideration, good heat dissipation is a basic requirement, the basic use of paint on the process, that is, the first spray and then baked, the cost is more economical and beautiful color, to maintain a long time, even if the vehicle scrapped The color of the wheel remains the same.

Many Volkswagen models of the wheel surface treatment process are paint, some stylish avant-garde, dynamic color wheel is also used in paint technology. This type of wheel is affordable and the specifications are complete.

2, plating wheel hub spreads.

Electroplated wheels are also divided into silver, water plating and pure plating and other types. Electroplating silver and water-plated wheels, although bright and vivid colors, but to maintain a shorter time, so the price is relatively cheap, for the pursuit of a lot of fresh young people like.

Pure plating wheel, color retention time for a long time, can be said to be high quality and high prices. There are some high-end cars will be the original standard pure plating wheel hub. The wheels can be divided into two categories according to the material: steel wheels, alloy wheels.

3, the main advantage of steel wheels is the manufacturing process is simple, the cost is relatively low, and the ability to resist metal fatigue is very strong, that is, we commonly known as cheap and strong. But the shortcomings of the steel wheel is relatively prominent is not beautiful appearance, weight, inertia resistance, heat dissipation is also relatively poor, and very easy to rust.

4, alloy material wheels lighter weight, inertia resistance is small, the production of high precision, high-speed rotation of the small deformation, inertia resistance is small, is conducive to improving the car's straight line performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Alloy material thermal conductivity is about three times the steel, good heat dissipation, for the vehicle's braking system, tire and brake system thermal attenuation can play a role.

Currently on the market of the original car alloy wheels are mainly aluminum, of course, many modified wheels in order to achieve certain special requirements and visual improvement will choose chromium, titanium and other elements as a basic material.

However, compared with the steel wheel hub, the price of alloy wheels to a lot of expensive, so often in many low-end level of the original car, the steel wheels will appear in the low with models, while the alloy wheels are high with Models of the standard. 1, weigh the weight of the wheel by hand:

As the domestic tires are mostly cast aluminum wheels (there are some liquid aluminum forging hub, but limited to the manufacturing process and cost reasons, the lowest price is also about 1,000 yuan), so the amount of aluminum to a large extent about the strength of the hub. In general, the heavier the wheel is, the greater its strength.

2, hand knock on the wheels of the side wall, carefully taste the echo of the hub:

Good aluminum to create a more dense hub (which other metals and other impurities in the less), so the percussion echo is more crisp. If the liquid aluminum forging technology to create the wheel sound is the most crisp, and the echo may sometimes last a few seconds. If the tap found after the answer nausea or almost no echo, I would advise you to give up this section of the wheel.

3, if the surface of the wheel has not been painted, electroplating and other treatment, you can also feel through the intuitive feel to determine the quality of the wheel hub - the better the better the material wheel (the aluminum used to make the lower impurity content) , The corresponding luster of its products will be more bright, clear. On the contrary, the darker the color means the worse the material of the wheel.

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