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Truck Wheel Model Structure

Truck Wheel Model structure

Now many people, especially young people like to upgrade their own car, when it comes to upgrading, most of them are to upgrade the car steel ring, car upgrade upgrade "hot" what can bring changes?

To tell you about the benefits of car steel ring upgrade:

1, the wheels become larger, so that the whole car looks more beautiful, generous.

2, reducing the fuel consumption: In general, to upgrade the car steel ring, are replaced by relatively light weight aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum alloy wheels are relatively light weight, small weight, fuel consumption naturally small, and easier to accelerate Oh The

3, to improve the driving comfort.

We know that now a lot of racing cars are made with aluminum alloy ring, aluminum alloy wheels with the absorption of vibration and rebound strength of the metal characteristics. One piece. Plus the use of CNC machine tool processing, high precision, roundness high, partial yaw beating small, good balance, bring you completely different feeling.

4, to improve the safety of driving.

Aluminum alloy hub of the bulk coefficient is five to six times the general car steel ring, coupled with the structural characteristics of aluminum alloy wheels, it is easy to tire, brake system heat scattered in the air, even in the long driving Continuous braking, the wheel system can also maintain the appropriate temperature. Both to reduce the braking system and the aging of the wheel, but also reduce the chance of puncture, thereby enhancing the safety of driving.

As aluminum ring production is a high input, high output of the industry, many companies are now investing in the aluminum ring industry, but the result of competition is that some companies stand foot, some companies are eliminated. One of the reasons for being eliminated is that some companies lack sufficient knowledge about the key technologies of aluminum ring production, focusing only on the introduction of equipment, ignoring the introduction of complete sets of technology. Coupled with personnel training, but off, resulting in the production capacity is difficult to play, the quality does not meet the requirements of automobile manufacturers, the lack of competitiveness of products, it is difficult to enter the international market, the final market eliminated. And our company is now producing the car steel ring, our product quality is second to none, and now a lot of customers are our repeat customers, as well as our customers to introduce customers, more people believe that our products, gave us Big new man.

Now the domestic aluminum ring market competition is fierce, but according to the development of the domestic auto industry and foreign car manufacturers in the domestic investment intentions, China's aluminum ring market prospects are still promising, there is great potential. So I believe that our products will be out of the international market.

irst, the vehicle's production forecast and vehicle structure

1, the number of vehicles

According to the China Gas Association's "second Five-Year Plan" is expected in 2015, China's vehicle production is expected to reach 25 million, of which 20.31 million passenger cars, commercial vehicles, 4.69 million. The ratio of the two is: 81.2: 18.8, the proportion of passenger cars is increasing. The predicted production of trailers is 753,000. World car production in 2015 will reach 83.21 million vehicles.

2, the proportion of commercial vehicle models:

The proportion of heavy, medium, light and micro in 2005 was 15: 13.1: 56.3: 13.6

In 2010, the ratio of heavy, medium, light and micro was 27: 6.8: 50.3: 15.9

It can be seen that the proportion of heavy-duty trucks is gradually increasing, the proportion of medium-sized vehicles dropped significantly, the proportion of light vehicles decreased slightly, the proportion of micro-cars increased slightly.

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