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Truck Wheel Installation Of The Contact Surface

Truck Wheel Installation of the contact surface

Truck wheel (wheel and tire) installation items

1) Check all metal surfaces: both sides of the rim, and the area between the two juxtaposed truck wheels. Must pay attention to whether there is serious corrosion accumulation, the metal surface of the crack, whether there is bending deformation, broken rim; and whether there is loose, lost or damaged nut, whether there is bending, teeth of the bolt; and whether there is not Correctly match the rim parts.

2) The contact surface of the truck wheel installation must be 360 degrees and fully enclosed; and the appropriate support diameter supports the truck wheel.

3) Always check and ensure that all rim nuts maintain normal torque. If the rim is loose, the screw hole will be rammed or twisted. If some of the nuts are locked and the others are loose, they may cause cracks in the rims, or damage to the bolts. (See if there is any dirt or rust from the bolt hole). If so, it indicates that the nut is loose or installed (tight). Lock the nut with the specified torque, or replace the nut to remove the rust.

What are the maintenance methods for aluminum alloy wheels?

Aluminum alloy wheels with its nice, safe and comfortable features such as more and more private owners of the favor. Now, almost all of the new models are used aluminum wheels, and many owners will also be the original car with the steel wheels replaced by aluminum wheels. Here, to introduce the aluminum alloy wheel conservation methods.

1, when the hub temperature is high, it should be allowed to clean and then clean, do not use cold water to clean. Otherwise, will damage the aluminum alloy hub, and even make the brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect. In addition, at high temperatures with detergent cleaning aluminum alloy wheels, will make the hub surface chemical reaction, loss of gloss, affect the appearance.

2, when the hub is difficult to remove the asphalt, if the general cleaning agent to no avail, you can try to clear the brush, but do not use the hard brush, especially the iron brush, so as not to damage the wheel surface. Here, to the private car owners to introduce a clear asphalt remedies: the selection of medicinal "live oil" rubbed, you can get unexpected results, may wish to try. The same time as

3, where the vehicle is wet, the wheels should be washed, so as not to salt on the aluminum surface corrosion.

4, if necessary, clean, the wheels can be waxed maintenance, so that gloss forever. With the increase of speed and load, the use of safety of the hub is more and more attention, its performance directly affect the car's brake safety, handling stability, ride comfort. The company introduced a full set of testing equipment from abroad to conduct a comprehensive product reliability testing to ensure the safety of the final product use: 1, impact testing machine 2, bending fatigue testing machine 3, radial fatigue testing machine

Aluminum alloy wheels of the type, more structure, the requirements of the vehicle, models vary, but both the strength and accuracy is the most basic common requirements. Through the market research that the truck wheel hub should have the following properties:

1) material, shape and size of the right and reasonable, can give full play to the tire function, and tires interchangeable, with international versatility;

2) when driving, vertical and horizontal vibration small, imbalance and inertia moment is small;

3) under the premise of lightweight, with sufficient strength, stiffness and dynamic stability;

4) with the shaft, tire separability is good;

5) has excellent durability;

6) its manufacturing process to achieve product quality and stability, low cost, multi-species, large-scale production and other requirements.

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