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Truck Wheel According To Quality

Truck Wheel According to quality

Truck wheel and car aluminum ring in the end which is good? Here we through some comparison to illustrate:

1, quality: in terms of quality, aluminum ring is better than the truck wheel, a lot of wheels are selected aluminum ring, aluminum ring rigid, light weight, relatively cool heat, the appearance is also beautiful, comfort is also high.

2, the price: truck wheels also have the advantages of steel ring, for example, the most eye-catching everyone is the price is low, of course, in addition, the truck wheel's toughness is also very good, if changed shape, better repair.

My company's main sales truck wheels, steel ring plate, truck wheels, steel ring pot top and other products, the factory has consistently adhered to "high-quality products to capture the market, to improve the service to consolidate the market."

Truck wheels are scratched by two major solutions:

1, repair: now have a special place to repair the truck wheel, and the technology are more professional;

2, for tires: There are tires to protect the wheels of the truck, the protection of the truck wheel is very good, the kind of tire is thin, not only can play a protective effect on the truck wheel, but also with shock, no deformation , Can give the owner to provide excellent sense of road and comfort. You can try Oh Truck wheel manufacturers teach you to keep your car wheels

Car wheels are mostly made of aluminum alloy, this wheel looks beautiful, but very delicate. To maintain the appearance of the car wheel is beautiful, in addition to the driving process need to be careful to prevent damage to the car wheel, but also regularly on the car hub maintenance and maintenance. If there is time, a thorough cleaning should be done once a week.

1, wash the car wheel surface attached to the sand will cause damage to the wheels of the dirt. Otherwise, the surface of the car wheel will be subject to corrosion and damage.

2, with anti-acid cleaning agent on the inner and outer surface of the hub for processing. It is best for every two months for the car wheel on a wax, this can extend the life of the car wheel.

In order not to damage the car's own surface of the protective layer of the wheel hub, can not use the car wheel paint brightener or other abrasive materials. If the alloy protective paint is damaged, it should be timely repair of the wheels, it is best to re-paint the professional repair station. When the surface of the wheel is difficult to remove the stains, to use a professional cleaning agent, this cleaning agent is often able to gently remove the stains and reduce the aluminum alloy truck wheel surface damage. However, the hub itself is a layer of metal protective film, so the cleaning should pay special attention to not use paint brightener or other abrasive materials. In the process of driving should also be careful to prevent the rubbing to the hub caused by the "Mishap", once the deformation or scratches, it should be re-painted as soon as possible and repair. If you want to avoid this phenomenon, the car will be in the new time to rinse the wheel regularly, every day at least every week to wash the rims, first with water rinse, and then use a detergent to sponge scrub, and then Rinse with plenty of water.

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