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Truck Steel Wheel Aesthetics

Truck Steel Wheel Aesthetics

Maintenance of truck wheel

     The beauty of the truck wheel has a great influence on the image of the vehicle. So the use and maintenance of vehicles in the truck wheel should also have enough attention. Usually every week should be a thorough cleaning of the wheel, wash the surface of the truck wheel attached to the sand, brake pads and salt and other easy to damage the truck wheel damage to the dirt, otherwise, the surface of the alloy will be corrosion and After the cleaning work is completed, the inner and outer surfaces of the hub are treated with anti - acid cleaner. In addition, it is advisable to extend the service life of the truck wheel every 2 months to the wax on the truck wheel. Note that it is not possible to use paint brighteners or other abrasive materials for truck wheels because it destroys the protective layer of the truck wheel's own surface.

     Trucks are extremely important for trucks, not only in terms of performance and function, but also in the appearance of the function can not be overlooked, a beautiful truck wheel can often make your car look more High-end, more expensive, this article talk about truck steel wheel repair and maintenance.

    To prevent the truck wheel slip the reason is the driver's measures due to improper, such as brake too fast, too fast or too fast to play the direction. Especially when the rain began, or when the rain, the road surface of the oil will start to open the water, so when the driver encountered such a situation, to pay special attention.

    First for the rear wheel slip phenomenon, that is, when the second half of the body slippery, Michelin tire experts recommend owners of friends, no matter which direction the vehicle to slip, this time to slip the direction of the steering wheel and remember that you can not brake, all actions as much as possible gentle.

    Second, when the four-wheel slip, the owner will feel the vehicle forward dash faster than usual faster. At this time we let the front turn to find the grip, the throttle, do not step on the brakes, light clutch, all the action as gentle as possible so that the vehicle slowly driving until the slippery phenomenon disappeared.

    In addition, if the front wheel slip, that is, the steering wheel can not turn, the vehicle toward the front straight, until the collision when the obstruction. At this point to remember and other trucks after the rotation of the wheel, the steering wheel can be rotated until the return to normal, repeated brakes so that the oil circuit to achieve the most effective working conditions.

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