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SUV Wheel Natural Cooling

SUV Wheel Natural cooling

SUV wheels tell you about the impact of the car wheel after the injury.

After the car tires are filled with gas, the outer edge of the tire will be tight fit with the flange of the hub to avoid leakage of gas inside the tire. If the flange of the hub is subjected to a collision deformation, it will affect the tightness of the outer edge of the tire and cause the tire to leak. Therefore, in the process of daily cars, pay attention to prevent collision of the hub, to avoid deformation of the hub.

The flange of the car wheel is seriously deformed, and we can see it with the naked eye. If you can not see, that deformation is not obvious, first remove the wheel, the tire and the hub of the connection site sprinkled with water, resulting in bubbles, then it is proved that the site is caused by the location of the tire leak.

Car wheel deformation is not timely repair, then, will lead to more serious damage - the wheel rupture. Rupture of the hub can cause the gas inside the gas from the cracks at the leak, the formation of tires rupture. When the situation occurs, be sure to replace the new tires in time, due to the high risk of tire rupture, threatening the safety of the driver's personal, so must not careless.

The following by the SUV wheel manufacturers - wheels to tell you about the car wheel (also known as wheels, wheel, gestational age) daily maintenance precautions.

Daily maintenance is essential, when the hub temperature is high, it should be allowed to cool it after the natural clean, do not use cold water to clean; otherwise the aluminum alloy hub damage, and even lead to deformation of the moving plate to affect Brake effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminum alloy wheels with a cleaning agent at high temperatures will cause the surface of the hub to react chemically, lose its luster and affect the appearance.

When the wheel is difficult to remove the asphalt, if the general cleaning agent does not work, you can try to clear the brush, but do not use the hard brush, especially the iron brush, to prevent damage to the hub surface. Some experts have introduced a kind of removal of asphalt remedies: even with medicinal "live oil" rubbed, you can get unexpected results, the owners may wish to personally try. In addition, when the vehicle is located close to the beach, the wheels should be cleaned to avoid corrosion of the aluminum surface of the SUV wheels.

Above is our finishing on the car wheel daily maintenance precautions, I hope to help you. The structure of the rim, according to its main component consists of several parts:

One-piece rims have a deep groove with a monolithic structure. In the case of

Two-piece rims can be disassembled into two main parts of the rim and the elastic ring. In the case of

Three-piece rims can be disassembled into three main parts of the rim, retaining ring and lock ring. In the case of

Four-piece rims can be split into four main parts of the rim, retaining ring, lock ring and seat ring; it can also be split into rim body, lock ring and two retaining rings. In the case of

Five-piece rims can be disassembled as the five main parts of the rim body, ring, ring, seat ring and seal ring.

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