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SUV Wheel Manufacturing Method

SUV Wheel Manufacturing method

SUV wheel manufacturing methods are mainly three: gravity casting, forging, low pressure precision casting.

  (1) gravity casting method using gravity to the aluminum alloy solution poured into the mold, after forming by the lathe processing polished, you can complete the production. The manufacturing process is relatively simple, without the need for sophisticated casting process, low cost and high production efficiency, but prone to bubbles (trachoma), uneven density, surface smoothness is not enough. Geely has a considerable model with this method is the production of SUV wheels, mainly early production models, new models have been replaced with the new SUV wheels.

  (2) forging method of aluminum ingots from the thousands of tons of presses in the mold directly on the extrusion, the benefits are uniform density, smooth and detailed surface, SUV wheel wall thin and light weight, the highest strength, higher than the casting method of more than three percent , But because of the need for more sophisticated production equipment, and the yield is only five to six percent, higher manufacturing costs.

  (3) low-pressure precision casting method in 0.1Mpa under low pressure precision casting, this casting method of good shape, clear outline, uniform density, smooth surface, both to achieve high strength, light weight, but also to control costs, and finished The rate of more than Jiucheng, is the mainstream of high-quality SUV wheel manufacturing methods.

Forged SUV wheels

1, forged SUV wheel definition

   Forging SUV wheels of the process is the use of high pressure (most of the pressure of thousands of tons) will have a heated alloy pressed into the SUV wheel rough embryo (prototype), and then CNC secondary engraving secondary processing, due to bear High-pressure impact, so the molecules between the alloy will be smaller, the gap will be more fine, the density will be higher, the interaction between the material molecules will be stronger, so SUV wheels only need less raw materials will be able to achieve sufficient rigidity, So that the overall weight lighter.

2, forging SUV wheel production process

First, "solid forging". The simple structure of the truck aluminum SUV wheels can be produced using solid forging processes.

 Second, "the first cast after forging." For more and more beautiful SUV wheels, a single solid forging is difficult to produce. This requires the use of "cast forging", first with traditional processes such as low pressure casting, gravity casting, metal casting and other processes to produce the basic shape of the rough, and then switch to forging machine for precision forging. For most of the complex structure is very beautiful SUV wheels, can be used to produce this way out.

 Three is "continuous casting and forging". With the "continuous casting and forging" process can produce the structure than the "first cast after forging" more complex, more exquisite designs forged SUV wheels. Comprehensive mechanical performance than the casting SUV wheels a higher grade, the spokes will be more concise fine, more fairy-like beauty.

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