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Light Truck Wheel Uniform Wear

Light Truck Wheel Uniform wear

Daily maintenance need attention:

1. Check the pressure of all light truck tires at least once a month in the case of cooling, including spare tire.

2. Do not exceed the reasonable speed required by the driving conditions and the legal restrictions (eg, slow access or avoidance when there are obstacles such as stones, pits, etc.).

3. Regular wheel alignment and balance is important to ensure your driving safety and the ideal mileage.

4. In order to achieve uniform wear effect to extend the service life of light truck tires, light truck tire adjustment is necessary.

5. Prevent sunlight, oil, acids, hydrocarbons from attacking light truck tires.

6. Need to develop good driving habits, such as: to avoid emergency braking, beat the steering wheel and so on.

In addition, according to national standards, all light truck tires should be stored in ventilated, clean, cool and dry rooms, room temperature -10 ℃ - +30 ℃, relative humidity 50% -80% is appropriate. Treasury to avoid direct sunlight. When light truck tires are stored, ensure that light truck tires are remote from heat and ozone sources such as heat pipes and generators. Since light truck tires are rubber products, care must be taken not to contact oil, acid, flammable and chemical corrosion when driving, stopping or storing light truck tires. Otherwise, corrosion, deformation, softening and so on may occur. Parking, it is recommended to park the vehicle in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight caused by light truck tire premature aging, damage. Light truck tires inside the hidden dangers is the most dangerous, because if you do not unload the owner did not know. If the light truck tire damage is very serious, but also hidden in the inside so usually can not find the place, then unaware of the owners on the high-speed, if the journey is longer, once the problem is very serious. So the detection of light truck tires must do professional all-round detection. In the case of

    In addition to uneven wear, even if the normal use, when the crown pattern wear to a certain extent, also need to replace the light truck tires in time. Warm reminder of the majority of riders, this is because the crown pattern is the largest light truck tire wear and tear parts, once polished to prevent the role of light truck tires slippery. So every light truck tires are in the pattern groove with more than four wear signs, when the pattern wear more than wear signs, the light truck tires must be replaced, or easy to drive in the vehicle slip, etc., to the driver Personal safety poses a great threat.

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