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Light Truck Wheel The Shape Of The Ring

Light Truck Wheel The shape of the ring

 Light truck tire selection is very important, we first want to see points to the choice of steel ring:

1, the first ring of the screw hole can not pick their favorite, to listen to the production of steel industry professionals to see if it is appropriate.

2, select the shape of the ring: the shape of the ring can choose a simple steel ring, it seems neat, choose those complex structure, will not clean the car when the cleaning.

3, the size of the ring: do not easily change the performance and thus increase the size of the steel ring, steel ring must choose the right tires, otherwise, the performance will decline.

Damage to the ring will lead to leakage of internal gas inside the cracks from the cracks, as the tire fracture of the hidden dangers, the emergence of this situation, we must promptly replace the new tires, because the risk of tire rupture is very high, threatening the safety of the driver , So must not carelessly.

  Light truck tire deformation detection method: the owner needs to remove the wheel, and then check the wheel surface and the inner wall of the crack, if there is crack, indicating the possibility of maintenance is small, should be replaced in time for the new hub. In modern life, some friends will use the steel ring, then you know, steel ring manufacturer is how to produce steel ring? Here to tell you about:

1, cutting → roll → round → double cut → counterpart → manual welding → polishing → slag → expansion → contraction → gas valve door → car steel ring

2, the plate under the material → forming → punching the center hole → Chong Kong → hole → car processing → gas valve hole → grinding

3, assembly: loading → inspection → automatic welding → pickling phosphating → cathodic electrophoresis → paint → inspection → storage

 Steel ring manufacturers today to introduce the benefits of larger steel ring:

1, the first wheel has become larger, you can make the car look more beautiful, generous.

2, steel ring to improve the safety of driving.

3, steel ring to improve the driving comfort.

4, steel ring to reduce the fuel consumption: In general, the upgrade steel ring, are replaced by relatively light weight aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum alloy wheels are relatively light weight, small weight, fuel consumption is small, and more Easy to accelerate.

 Steel ring repair these services almost all of the repair shop and 4s shop has to provide, steel ring repair is not a big repair project, but why the price difference is very large, what is the inside? Can the steel ring be repaired? What degree can repair? What degree does not recommend repair? Here is a brief introduction to the steel ring repair need to pay attention to what matters.

 First of all, under the description of the next ring in the case of general scratch can be repaired, and as we have seen: the edge of the ring there are many traces of road teeth, the size of different length of missing. This scraper range is relatively small or just the situation of the steel ring is relatively simple to deal with.

    First, the tire surface treatment clean, after the use of sandpaper or other tools to wear parts of the ground, in the injury at the end of the gas smear (such as painting), after the damage to the place of exposure to the gray ash can also be understood as scraping putty, to fill the damage And other parts of the same.

    The last is the paint will be transferred to the color of the paint the whole shot of the entire ring, after a period of paint to be dry after the paint, the steel ring polishing work. A steel ring repair is completed, it should be noted that in the repair process to remove the tire as appropriate.

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