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Light Truck Wheel Safe Use

Light Truck Wheel Safe use

Saying that the National Day that a few days, "Beijing snow" are on the hot search, and see this winter and evening really want to come the rhythm. Tire as an important part of the car, at this time should be care, maintenance. In the winter before the onset of the twinkling of an eye, to share some small common sense, hope to help the majority of friends.

In the cold winter, rubber tires due to thermal expansion and contraction will become much harder, even if many cars are equipped with all-season tires, but the frozen slippery road will be the test of the tire grip. Therefore, the replacement of winter tires is very necessary, if not replaced also need to pay attention to the tire maintenance and safe use.

Tire to the winter, the rubber will become so hard will become relatively brittle, the friction coefficient will be reduced, so that the tire pressure can not be too high, but not too low, the external temperature is low, tire pressure is too low, soft tire can be accelerated Aging, and exacerbate tires with the ground contact, will accelerate friction, reduce tire life.

Winter should also often clean up the tire within the inclusions, try to avoid using more than once the tires, replace the larger wear and different brands of different tires. Tire inside and outside wear is very different, in order to ensure safety to reduce wear and tear, should be regularly replaced to the tire.

In addition, good driving habits in car maintenance is also very important, it is directly related to the owner of the factors. Start too fast, suddenly turned, emergency braking, in poor road conditions at high speed, often on the road and parking when the tire scratching obstacles, etc., will lead to serious wear and tear of the tire, thereby reducing the tire life. Therefore, good driving habits is one of the most direct and effective ways to maintain tires.

That we usually do the maintenance of the tire really right?

First, the pressure of the inspection and maintenance

1, should be regularly on the tire (including spare tire) to check the pressure, if found to be insufficient to check and remove the gas leaks in a timely manner. Air pressure inspection and adjustment should be carried out under cold conditions.

2, tire pressure inspection should not only stay on the tires, but also should include the valve and valve core, to prevent the valve aging or valve core failure caused by leakage.

3, the use of new tires in the early, due to the movement of the tire leaving the tire outer edge size changes, making the tire pressure drop. So should be used after 24 hours to check the tire pressure, found that insufficient pressure should be added in time.

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