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Light Truck Wheel Product Standards

Light Truck Wheel Product Standards

Inventory of light truck tire industry in the next ten major development trends

Trend 1: "green tires" to achieve industrialization

    Energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, is increasingly becoming the domestic and international tire industry wide attention to the theme. Domestic tire enterprises have reached a consensus, from the raw materials, technology and product standards, etc., to comprehensively promote the development of China's green tire industry, in the "second five" to achieve the end of "green tire" industrialization. The specific target is: about half of the radial tire manufacturers have the ability to produce "green tires", a quarter of the enterprise "green tires" production more than ordinary radial tire production.

    Trend II: China will introduce tires "label law"

    The United States, Japan, the European Union, South Korea have implemented mandatory tire labeling regulations, Brazil's tire labeling regulations are also brewing. By the China Rubber Industry Association to develop the "green tire industrialization program and green tire self-discipline standards", will be introduced early next year, the association responsible person revealed that the Ministry of Industry and China to the rubber set up a subject, to do "green tire" industrialization Research, self-discipline standards is only the first step, the ultimate goal is to promote China's tires "label law", and international standards.

    Trend III: tire factory favored high automation

    As with other manufacturing industries, the tire manufacturing industry needs to improve the level of automation. Now some of the tire business automation level is already high, some processes are even completely completed by the machine, however, there are some enterprises of the level of automation is still low. Vim chairman of the equipment manufacturing company Waterman recently said that tire production needs a higher degree of automation, to the operator of the final product impact to a minimum, the future direction of the tire factory for the development of high automation, thereby enhancing the manufacturing level.

    Trend 4: local enterprises to accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions

    In recent years, mergers and acquisitions cases, mostly local enterprises were acquired or controlled by multinational companies, and domestic enterprises mergers and acquisitions rarely occur. July 10 this year, the tournament shares announced that the company intends to acquire Shenyang Peace radial tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 100% stake, and Shandong Jinyu Industrial Co., Ltd. 49% stake. Racing this move, open domestic tire business mergers and acquisitions precedent, the future situation or will be improved. Analysis of the industry, said low-end overcapacity has seriously plagued the domestic tire industry, mergers and acquisitions between enterprises imminent.

    Trend 5: tire manufacturer's open retail price

    Different from the car manufacturers to give guidance, tire manufacturers have been reluctant to open the tire sales price, which for consumers to understand the product price range is very unfavorable. Recently, this situation is quietly changing, Bridgestone North America recently on the Bridgestone and Feilsstone page, began to disclose its suggested retail price. Michelin promised to meet the customer expectations, will be the end of 2012 all open in the United States sales of passenger cars and light truck tire recommended retail price. Continental of North America said the company is evaluating it. There are indications that there will be more tire manufacturers in the future to choose an open retail price.

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