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Light Truck Wheel Environmental Protection And Low Carbon

Light Truck Wheel Environmental protection and low carbon

The existing tire industry experts pointed out that China's tire market will have seven major trends, which is the major tire wholesalers should consider the issue.

First of all, under the first big trend, as people on the green low-carbon travel concept of continuous improvement, green tires so that most consumers recognized, therefore, whether manufacturers or distributors should pay attention to consumer demand, With the efforts of consumers step forward to vigorously develop the "green tires."

The second trend: With the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union and other countries to implement the tire labeling law, China in order to international standards in China this year will introduce green tire industrialization program and green tire self-discipline standards, will promote China's " The So that China's tire wholesale market can promote the orderly and harmonious development.

The third trend: With the development of industry, industrial automation with the editing of various industries. At present tire manufacturers have been automated to some of the tire production, the future, a comprehensive automation will replace the mechanization. With the improvement of technical level, the level of tire manufacturing will also be greatly improved regardless of the quality of the product or the production efficiency.

The fourth trend: the current domestic tire manufacturers are in the era of flowers and bizarre everywhere, a variety of small brand tire production surplus has seriously affected the domestic tire market. Now many manufacturers face the status of restructuring. Can not always so a hundred schools of thought contend, since ancient times there is the survival of the fittest of the old saying, so we are waiting to meet the new challenges.

The fifth trend: Now many brands of tire manufacturers more and more in Southeast Asia and other rubber raw materials to build factories, thus saving the cost of raw materials such as transportation. Now Southeast Asia has gradually become the destination of China's tire business.

The sixth trend: As the domestic tire companies are generally small-scale enterprises, in this highly competitive social production level and the international still has a big gap in this competitive survival of the fittest environment we should strive to develop technology to improve their tire quality The China's tire companies will be promotional activities and tire prices have become a means of expansion of the usual means. Today, more and more domestic tire manufacturers are aware of the need to reduce tire prices and various promotional activities have been in the tire industry is not a good way, and now many tire companies have begun to realize this, began to improve tire quality and technology to fight tires Brand warfare China's tire market will enter from the tire price war to tire brand war.

The seventh trend: in the Chinese tire market winter tires should be the most rapid growth of tires, the emergence of this trend is due to the improvement of domestic living standards, people on the concept of car maintenance also increased. Due to the four distinct seasons in northern China, it is becoming increasingly common for people to change winter tires in winter. The demand for winter tires more with the temperature of the cold increase, so the domestic winter tire market will be the major tire companies to snatch the object. Now the Michelin tires, Dunlop tires, Bridgestone tires, Hankook tires and other major brand tires have been constantly updated winter tires. Generally in August, the major tire wholesalers have already started selling winter tires, in order to meet customer needs.

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