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Light Truck Wheel Diligent In Cleaning

Light Truck Wheel Diligent in cleaning

The specific cleaning method is as follows.

1, if the car has been driving for some time, usually not diligent in cleaning and maintenance, the rim has been formed on a layer of hard and hard dark coke, it would use a more powerful wheel cleaning agent.

2, clear the coke to be patience, spray on a special cleaning agent, you must wait for a while, so that the solvent softened after coking, and then sponge or coarse cloth brush off, and then rinse with water.

3, some serious coke need two or three cleaning action have a way to completely remove. Do not like their own hands-on maintenance of the car, it is best to buy a car when the first choice of the wheel, the selection of simple and clear appearance, not too many complex structure, there is no pile of small screws "refreshing" shape, It is easier to get up.

4, check the scar, if not hurt to the inside of the wheel, you can simply repair well, use paint diluent, wipe the scar around, remove the dirt.

5, the deepest part of the scratch is difficult to remove the dirt, then you can use the toothpick to get it thoroughly clean.

6, in order to prevent the erroneous part of the paint, it is best to carefully paste the tape around the scar.

7, finishing a good brush tip, coated with paint, paint a little shrink after drying, it is best painted slightly protruding some.

8, after painting, to be completely dry about a week's time. After drying with a water-resistant paper dipped in soapy water to make the surface smooth.

9, wipe with a water-resistant paper, with a mixture of light, and then hit the wax. Deep scars, the focus is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed, if you can not see the metal surface will not rust, you can concentrate on coating modified paint. Now, the design of wheel strength is analyzed, and the strength of automobile wheel is analyzed based on dynamic bending fatigue experiment and finite element software based on empirical analogy and software analysis. Mainly based on software and experiment. Now the lightweight analysis and research of the wheel from the calculation of the calculation, from the rim direction of the wheel lightweight analysis and research. The finite element analysis of the wheel including the loading flange and the bolt is carried out by using the finite element analysis software ANSYSWorkbench. The fatigue life of the wheel is calculated by loading and the fatigue life of the wheel is obtained. By changing the rim thickness of 1mm, a single wheel quality will be reduced by 0.83kg, each car (4 claws) weight loss 3.32kg, wheel quality has been reduced, the optimal design is reliable and reasonable. In the case of ensuring the wheel strength performance, the purpose of reducing the weight of the wheel is achieved.

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