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Light Truck Wheel Abnormal Wear

Light Truck Wheel Abnormal wear

Maintenance of light truck tires need to pay attention to the problem

Tires are an important part of wheeled vehicles, and their technical conditions directly affect the traction of wheeled vehicles, through sex, stability, safety, comfort and economy. According to statistics, tire maintenance costs account for about 15% of the total vehicle maintenance costs. It is of practical significance to analyze the causes of abnormal wear of tires and take corresponding countermeasures to prevent tire wear, prolong service life, save cost, improve its use efficiency and ensure safe operation. In this paper, through the analysis of the reasons for the abnormal wear of tires, a number of measures to extend the service life of tires are put forward for the users to refer to practice, to save costs, protect the machine, get better economic benefits.

Tire use process due to various factors caused by abnormal wear and tear, is the majority of drivers friends headache things. There are tire pressure is too high, too low, overload operations, poor positioning of the four wheels, as well as the operator driving skills unskilled caused by barbaric operation, tire selection and installation of unreasonable and external hard damage, etc., will be reduced Tire life. How to effectively avoid these abnormal wear and tear, you need to do the following aspects of the work:

First of all, strictly abide by the tire inflation standards, inflatable should check whether the parts of the leak, and should regularly check the tire pressure to ensure compliance with the standard. Develop the habit of using barometer to measure air pressure, can not be judged by the naked eye. To ensure that the tire has a certain degree of flexibility, bear the required load, so that deformation does not exceed the specified range, to ensure that the vehicle in the driving with good stability and comfort. Spare tire pressure to charge a relatively high, so as not to run for a long time.

Second, to properly match and install the tire, and according to the tire specifications with the corresponding tube. The same mechanical assembly of the tire should ensure that the same brand, the same structure and the same performance. If this can not be done, should be in the same axis on the same brand, the same specifications, the same pattern and the same type of tires; new tires should be done when the vehicle or coaxial with the same; , Should be in accordance with the provisions of the rolling direction of the installation; use of new tires, the new tires should be installed on the front wheel, the repair of the tire mounted on the rear wheel. To ensure safe driving, refurbished tires are not allowed for steering wheels (front wheels).

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