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Harvester Wheel Wheel Use Introduction

Harvester Wheel Wheel use introduction

Wheel use introduction

Wheel parts

The wheel is a rotating component that is between the tire and the axle, and is usually composed of two main component rims and spokes (GB / T2933-2009). The rim is a component on which the tire is mounted and supported, and the spoke is a support member between the axle and the rim on the wheel. In addition to the above-mentioned components, the wheels sometimes include wheels.


1. According to the structure of the spokes: wheels can be divided into spoke-type wheels and spoke wheels.

2. According to the wheel material: can be divided into steel, aluminum, magnesium alloy wheels.

3. Install one or two tires at one end of the axle: split into single and double wheels.

A wide range of spoke wheels are used in cars and trucks. In addition, there are open wheels, assembly rim wheels, reversible wheels, and adjustable wheels.

Deep groove rim

This rim is integral, with a deep recess in the middle of the section, primarily for cars and light off-road vehicles. It has a shoulder flange, to accommodate the tire tire, the shoulder is usually slightly tilted to the middle, the tilt angle is generally 5 degrees soil l degree. The maximum diameter of the inclined portion is referred to as the coiled diameter of the tire bead and the rim. The middle of the section made of deep groove, in order to facilitate the tires of the disassembly. Deep groove rim structure is simple, high stiffness, low quality, for small size and flexibility of the most suitable tires. But the larger and harder tires, it is difficult to fit into such an overall rim.

Flat bottom rim

The structure of this rim is many, as shown in Figure 20-18b is a form commonly used in our country. The retaining ring l is integral, and the opening elastic ring 2 is used to prevent the stopper from coming out. When the tire is installed, the tire is first set on the rim and then the collar is pushed and pushed inward until it crosses the annular groove on the rim and the elastic ring of the opening is inserted into the annular groove. Dongfeng EQl090E type and the liberation of CAl091 car wheels, are used in this form of the rim.

3. The open rim

This rim consists of two parts, both inside and outside the rim of the width can be equal, can also range, the two bolts into one. When dismantling the tires, remove the nuts. The retaining ring 3 is detachable. And some non-retaining ring, and with the inner rim made of a rhyme wheel instead of the role of retaining ring, the inner rim and the joint welded together. Dongfeng EQ2080 and Yan'an SX2150 type: car wheels, that is, the use of this form of rims.

As the rim is the assembly and fixing of the tire, when the tire is loaded into different rims, its deformation position and size also change. Therefore, each type of tire, preferably with the provisions of the standard rim, if necessary, can also be equipped with specifications and standard tires similar to the rim (to allow the rim). If the rim is improperly used, it will cause early damage to the tire, especially when used on too narrow rims.

In recent years, in order to adapt to improve the tire load capacity needs √ began to use wide rims. Experiments show that the use of wide rims can improve tire life, and can improve the car's passing and driving stability.

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