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Forklift Wheel Installation Should Be Noted

Forklift Wheel Installation should be noted

In the use and installation of the hub should pay attention to the following matters:

1, in order to maximize the safety and reliability, regardless of the length of the car should always check the wheel - pay attention to whether the wear of early warning signal: including any friction when the rotation or suspension wheel in the turn is not normal slow down.

2, if you hear the wheel bearing parts of the noise, first of all, it is important to find the location of the noise. There are many moving parts that may produce noise, or it may be that some of the rotating parts are in contact with the non-rotating parts. If it is confirmed that the noise in the bearing, the bearing may be damaged, need to be replaced.

3, because the front wheel lead to both sides of the bearing failure working conditions are similar, so even if only a bad bearing, it is recommended to replace the pair.

4, wheel bearings are more sensitive, in any case need to use the correct method and the appropriate tool. During the storage and installation process, the bearing parts can not be damaged. Some bearings require a large pressure pressure, so the need for special tools. Be sure to refer to the manufacturing instructions.

Judgment technique of fork wheel quality

How to determine the quality of forklift wheel is good or bad? In fact, there is some doorway here, as long as the grasp of these judging skills, you can easily determine the quality of forklift round! Well, today to a brief introduction to these skills it!

 (1) in the forklift wheel, the bright side of the fork wheel is mainly to see its surface and its inner circle there is no pinhole exists, if found to have pinholes exist, then the product quality does not work, that is, quality problems.

(2) a closer look at the fork inside the wheel there is no cracks can touch to see if it is smooth enough, there is no small protruding there, if there is, that may be in the processing process did not seriously completed, smoothing standards did not meet.

(3) contrast of the brightness of the paint, to see the surface color of the product brightness, formal good brand products full of shiny, and poor quality of the poor products may feel bleak.

What will improve the life of the forklift wheel during travel? What should we pay attention to?

The first is the weather gets hot, the brake time is too long, the temperature will rise, this time to quickly reduce the wheel life. The second is when the fork wheel model and tire type does not match, but also reduce the life of a fork wheel for a reason. The third is a small problem with the wheel but failed to timely repair, the damage forklift wheel more powerful.

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