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Car Snow Wheel The Construction Of The Spoke

Car Snow Wheel The construction of the spoke

Let us for the time being regardless of the argument of archaeologists, first look at what their consensus:

The predecessor of the car snow wheel is the wheel of the pottery, the ancients can use it to batch production of pottery [01 pottery on the production of pottery], which is the earliest handicrafts and containers. The simplest pottery wheel only a pair of disc-shaped car snow wheel, between the wheel with a shaft, shaft stand upright; potter side of the rotation with the bottom of the wheel, one side by hand the soft clay placed above Of the roulette, plastic forming.

The earliest wheels of Mesopotamia are just some round plates, and the shaft is firmly nailed together. To 3000 BC, the shaft has been installed on the trolley, the wheels are not directly connected with the body. Soon afterwards, there was a car snow wheel with spoke. The original trolley was awkward, but much better than the people who had been using the shoulders and the beasts (usually donkeys).

The car snow wheel has long been used to make chariots. This chariot was first used to rush into the enemy array, forcing the enemy to collapse; later as a battlefield, the soldier can stand on the chariot toward the enemy throw javelin, kill the enemy. The type of car snow wheel

According to the structure of the spoke, the car snow wheel can be divided into two main forms: spoke plate type spoke. According to the axle at one end to install one or two tires, car snow wheel is divided into single-type car snow wheel and double-car snow wheel.

At present, the car and trucks on the extensive use of spoke-type car snow wheel and spoke-type car snow wheel; In addition, there are open-type car snow wheel, anti-loaded car snow wheel, assembly wheel car snow wheel and adjustable car snow wheel.

1. Belt-type car snow wheel: This car snow wheel by the ring a, web b, rim c, and the valve hole d, composed.

The disc used to connect the rim and the hub is called the web. The web is mostly made of stamping and also cast. Car of the car snow roller plate is thin, often stamping into the ups and downs of the darling of the Tong-like, to improve the stiffness. Some cars in order to reduce the car snow wheel heavy ramie peace in the side of the hub of the cooling, strict use of aluminum casting processing. In order to ensure the balance of high-speed performance Xuan also sponge balance block. The beauty of the car snow wheel has a great influence on the image of the vehicle. So the use and maintenance of vehicles in the car snow wheel should have enough attention. Usually every week should be a thorough cleaning of the wheel, wash the snow wheel surface attached to the sand, brake pads and salt and other easy to damage the car snow caused by dirt, otherwise, the surface of the alloy will be corroded and After the cleaning work is completed, the inner and outer surfaces of the hub are treated with anti - acid cleanser. In addition, it is advisable to extend the life of the car snow wheel once every two months to the car snow wheel. But be careful not to use paint brightener or other abrasive material for the car snow wheel because it will destroy the protective layer of the car's own snow wheel surface.

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