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Car Snow Wheel Stamping And

Car Snow Wheel Stamping and

The steel ring, also known as the wheel hub, is mainly composed of two kinds of materials: iron, which is made of cold rolled sheet, which is low in price, which is generally low in performance and easy to rust when the soil has fallen off. The second kind is aluminum alloy, the external type beautiful mechanical property is stronger, according to the production process aluminum alloy steel ring is also divided into casting and forging, forging process machine performance is stronger, the price is also highest. On the small batch customization and also use to magnesium aluminum alloy forging steel ring, because not the mainstream, so less able to access the market. An essential part of the car wheels, used to support the whole car and driving safety. Automobile steel ring repair experts say that the so-called automobile steel ring, according to the material can be divided into two kinds: steel wheel hub, aluminum alloy wheel hub. Steel wheel although cheap, simple work, but because of its ugly (can say nothing to speak of appearance), heavy weight (the same wheel steel quality are much heavier than aluminum alloy material), big inertia resistance, heat dissipation is more bad, wheel easy fever burning at high speed pose a safety hazard. And very easy to rust, once the rust, the wheel hub is discarded, rust after the steel wheel is very difficult to repair, because such a hub of low cost, no maintenance value, so once the damage or rust, will only be able to change a new hub. So the current use of aluminum alloy wheel hub is more. Because of the relatively, aluminum wheel can compensate for this problem, light weight, small inertia resistance, the production of high precision, rotating at high speed when the deformation of small, is conducive to improve the performance of the car straight reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing the fuel consumption. The thermal conductivity of the alloy is about three times that of steel, and the heat dissipation is good, and the thermal attenuation of the tire and brake system can play a certain role. Automobile steel ring - automotive steel ring

The automobile steel ring is also called the wheel hub, which can be said to be the "shoe" of the car. There is a saying in China, there are no good shoes at the foot, poor half. The same applies to cars. Today a good car's hub is certainly not small, and the wheel hub is the first entry point for many people. Because not only when the car is a lot of beautiful, but also directly improve the performance of the car.

Car rims: is the feature of the wheel hub, the greater the tire and the thinner, the tire variant of extreme driving more small, more conducive to handling, wandering slight puncture, increase security, but comfort is abate, because the tires have certain shock absorption function, tire the thinner damping effect is not obvious. The thickness of the tire side is the opposite of the thin tyre.

In washing tires, usually for a longer brush handle, so that you can thoroughly clean. In the wash the front wheel, if you can push rolling around the steering wheel can more easily clean all local. If the tire is not too dirty, it can need not spend money to buy a special cleaner, with usually use detergent to wash. Unless you really have too much dirt, it may be spend some money.

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