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Car Snow Wheel Cold Rolled Sheet Stamping

Car Snow Wheel Cold rolled sheet stamping

Steel ring, also known as the wheel, the car steel material is mainly two kinds of materials, one is iron, is made of cold rolled sheet stamping, low price, performance in general, easy to rust after falling soil; Is aluminum alloy, the appearance of beautiful mechanical properties, according to the production process of aluminum alloy ring is divided into casting and forging, forging process mechanical performance stronger, the highest price. In the small batch of custom cars, but also the use of magnesium alloy forged steel ring, because it is not the mainstream, so the market less access to the car is a vital part of the wheel, used to support the entire car and make it safe Driving. Car steel ring repair experts say the so-called car steel ring, according to the material can be divided into two categories: steel wheels, aluminum wheels. Although the steel wheel is cheap, simple workmanship, but because of its ugly appearance (it can be said that no appearance at all), the weight is larger (the same wheel steel material than aluminum alloy material is much heavier), inertia resistance, heat dissipation is also relatively poor , The hub is easy to heat at high speed, there are security risks. And it is very easy to rust, once the rust, the entire wheel is equivalent to scrapped, rusty steel wheel is difficult to repair, because such a low cost of the hub, maintenance value is not obvious, so once damaged or rust, Change a new hub. So the current use of aluminum alloy wheels are more. Because relatively speaking, aluminum alloy wheels can just make up for such problems, light weight, inertia resistance is small, the production of high precision, high deformation in the high-speed rotation is small, is conducive to improving the car's straight line performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thus Reduced fuel consumption. Alloy material thermal conductivity is about three times the steel, good heat dissipation, for the vehicle's braking system, tire and braking system thermal decay can play a role. Car steel ring is also called the wheel, can be said that the car's "shoes." China has a saying, at the foot of a good shoe, half of the poor people. This is equally applicable to the car. Now a good car hub is certainly not small, when the wheel is also a lot of people into the first entry point. Because not only when the car suddenly a lot of beautiful, and directly enhance the performance of the car side.

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