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Car Snow Wheel An Important Group Of Auto Parts

Car Snow Wheel An important group of auto parts

Automobile snow wheel is an important part of auto parts, along with the growth of China's auto parts industry, wheel industry gradually grow up.

Since 2010, to stimulate domestic demand-based macroeconomic policies for the steady development of the automotive industry provides the basis and guarantee. From the 2010 auto market trend, the impact of macroeconomic policies on the automotive market throughout the year, the annual production and sales of cars reached 18.2247 million and 1806.19 million, a new high sales, continue to maintain the world's first car production and consumption Country status. 2011, the economy continues to maintain steady growth, car production and sales situation is expected to continue to receive a larger increase in 2011 China's auto production is expected to exceed 20 million in 2015 to reach 25 million. In the long run, China's rapid GDP growth for the automotive industry to provide a broad demand for space, and the demand for car snow wheel will increase with the growth of car sales. China's auto sales in the next few years is expected to continue to grow steadily, providing opportunities for the development of the automobile snow wheel industry.

China's low level of protection and increasing purchasing power to determine China is still in the rapid automotive popularity, prospective industry research institute car snow industry researcher Liu Ruibo expected the future of China's automobile production and sales scale will reach 50 million, corresponding to the Wheel industry domestic OEM and AM market size will be 39 billion yuan and 9 billion yuan. With the Chinese wheel enterprises continue to enhance the international competitiveness of the future wheel export market size is expected to exceed 13 billion yuan. Benefit from the domestic and new car sales continued rapid growth, the continuous improvement of car ownership, as well as China's wheel enterprises to enhance the international competitiveness of the wheel industry is expected to market size is expected to close to 60 billion yuan in the next 3-5 years will remain fast development of.

Aluminum alloy wheels and steel wheels compared to the energy, safety, comfort and other characteristics, so more and more cars have the aluminum alloy wheels as a standard configuration.

Three characteristics of aluminum alloy wheels:

Energy saving

Aluminum alloy wheels of light weight, high precision manufacturing, high-speed rotation in the small deformation, inertia resistance is small, is conducive to improving the car's straight line performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption.


Aluminum alloy thermal conductivity is three times the steel, heat dissipation is very good, thereby enhancing the braking performance, improve the tire and brake disc life, effectively protect the car's safe driving.


Engineed aluminum alloy wheels generally use buffers and shock absorbers better than ordinary tires flat tires, so that the car in the uneven road or high-speed driving, the comfort greatly improved.

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