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Car Snow Wheel Aluminum Alloy Material

Car Snow Wheel Aluminum alloy material

The limousine cars of the limousine are mostly made of aluminum alloy. This car snow wheel looks beautiful, but also very delicate. To maintain the appearance of the car snow wheel beautiful, in addition to driving the process to be extra careful to prevent accidental damage to the car snow wheel, but also regularly on the car snow wheel maintenance and maintenance. If there is time to do a thorough cleaning every week.

1, wash the car snow wheel attached to the surface of the sand and easy to damage the car snow caused by dirt. Otherwise, the surface of the alloy will be subject to corrosion and damage.

2, with anti-acid cleaning agent on the inner and outer surface of the car snow wheel for processing. It is best to every two months to the car snow wheel on a wax, so you can extend the life of the car snow wheel.

Note: In order not to damage the car snow wheel surface of its own protective layer, can not use the car snow wheel paint brightener or other abrasive materials. When the alloy protective paint is damaged, such as driving by the hard objects collided with scars, the alloy car snow wheel should be repaired as soon as possible, re-painting. It is best to go to a professional service station.

Classification of automobile snow wheel

The car snow wheel in the market according to the material can be divided into steel car snow wheel and alloy car snow wheel two categories, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of the steel car snow wheel is the simple manufacturing process, the cost is relatively low, and the ability to resist metal fatigue is very strong, that is, we commonly known as cheap and strong. But the steel car snow wheel shortcomings are relatively more prominent is the appearance of ugly (it can be said that no appearance at all), the weight of the larger (the same car snow wheel steel material than aluminum alloy a lot of weight), inertia resistance, heat Also relatively poor, and very easy to rust.

Relatively speaking, the alloy material car snow wheel just can make up for such problems, lighter weight, inertia resistance is small, the production of high precision, high deformation in the high-speed rotation is small, is conducive to improving the car's straight line performance, reduce tire rolling resistance , Thereby reducing fuel consumption. Alloy material thermal conductivity is about three times the steel, good heat dissipation, for the vehicle's braking system, tire and braking system thermal attenuation can play a role. The original car on the market of alloy car snow wheel are mainly aluminum, of course, a lot of modified car snow wheel in order to achieve a certain special requirements and visual improvement will choose chromium, titanium and other elements as a basic material. However, compared with the steel car snow wheel, the price of alloy car snow wheel to a lot of expensive, so often in many low-end level of the original car, steel car snow wheel will appear in the low with models, While the alloy car snow wheel is a high with the standard models.

Alloy car snow wheel three major advantages

1 energy-saving: alloy car snow wheel light weight, high precision manufacturing, high-speed rotation in the small deformation, inertia resistance is small, is conducive to improving the car's straight line performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

2 safety: aluminum thermal conductivity is three times the steel, cooling effect is very good, thereby enhancing the braking performance, improve the tire and brake disc life, effectively protect the car's safe driving.

3 comfortable: car loaded with car snow wheel vehicles are generally used cushioning and shock absorption performance is better than ordinary tires flat tires, so that the car on the uneven road or high-speed driving, the comfort greatly improved.

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