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Wheel impact

Wheel contributed to the technological progress and the far-reaching institutional changes and line. Population growth in some villages to be developed into a new religious dignitaries and then military Chief and Chief Executive ruled the city. Cities are possible, due to growth in agricultural productivity. Growth in agricultural productivity of food had arrived, to support a new class of priests, soldiers and Government officials. This development process is not sudden or unilaterally. Lately a lot of people debating whether technological change decided to reform, or system change decision of technological change? It reminds people about a controversy in the early stages of human evolution: do you want to have a human brain, then create human culture, including the language and tool manufacturing? We are agreed that the interaction between the former and the latter, language and tool manufacture is the development of the brain and results in the development of the brain. Technological change and social change, too, first interaction, finally prompted the city and civilisation. Neolithic farmers provide surplus to the ruling party's grandees, and from tribal members to farmers, not because they agreed to do at some point, or were forced to do so; on the contrary, it is an evolving process, in the course of this development, causes and consequences of interactions, closely interrelated.

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